Meet and Greet:
An initial 'Meet & Greet' is required BEFORE we can start
visits with your furry family. This meeting provides you with
an opportunity to introduce us to your pet(s), show us their
routine, discuss their needs, and set up future service dates.
Meet & Greets are conducted by Luke (Co-Owner) or
Ally (Office Manager). Please visit our
New Clients tab and fill out the form. Once we receive it we
will contact you to schedule your Meet & Greet!

Initial Meet and Greet - free of charge
Each additional Meet & Greet - $10
Pet Sitting Visits:
This service is usually used by people who are heading
out of town. Visits include fresh food and water, walks
and/or potty breaks, playtime, administering medications (if
needed), a clean litter box, and lots of LOVE and attention!  
You can choose one, two, or three visits per day. Every
visit is approximately 30 minutes. If desired, your sitter will
provide daily email updates to ease your mind
while your are away. **Existing clients can request pet
sitting visits through their  
Client Portal!**

1 visit/day - $19 (1-3 pets), $20 (4 pets)
2 visits/day - $38 (1-3 pets), $40 (for 4 pets)
3 visits/day - $57 (1-3 pets), $60 (for 4 pets)
Mid-day Dog Walks / Potty Breaks (10am - 3pm):
This service is helpful for dog owners who work long
hours, have limited mobility, or have a elderly or ill pup they
want checked in on while they are at work. Rates reflect
pricing for up to 3 puppers. **Existing clients can request
daily dog walks/potty breaks through their
Portal!****All walks are PRIVATE - for only the animals in
your household!!**

15 minute potty break - $14
30 minute walk - $19
45 minute walk - $23
*offered between 10-11AM or 2-3PM, Monday - Friday
Overnight Stays:
Overnight stays are usually from 7:30 pm - 7:00 am. This
service is helpful for pets who have separation anxiety that
causes them to have accidents in the house, bark, be
destructive, etc.. Having someone there with them during
the night usually eases anxieties for the pets and their
people. Puppers will be taken out upon your sitter's arrival,
fed, and let out for a potty break before bedtime. They will
be taken out again in the AM and fed before your sitter
departs. If desired, we will stop by in the afternoon in
between overnight visits to take your pups out for a potty
break.**Overnight requests must be submitted directly to
the office and cannot be scheduled through
the client portal!**  

Overnight Stay - $60 (1-3 pets), $65 (4 pets)
Overnight Stay w/ Afternoon visit - $70 (1-3 pets), $75 (4 pets)
Free Services:
Upon request there are many other things we can do that
will ease your mind while you're away. These include but
are not limited to:

*Bringing in your mail/newspaper
*Watering plants
*Alternating lights/drapery
*Taking the trash to the curb
Our Services and Rates
We offer all of these services 365 days a year, with NO
extra charge for visits during major holidays!

**Please be advised that we reserve our holiday slots for  
exisiting/ well established clients and will not be taking
new clients during those times.**