Here's a Little Bit About Us
Hello. My name is Luke Grapski. I'd like
to thank you for taking the time and
coming to our website. I know how hard
can be to entrust a family member with a
stranger, so I would like to take this time
to better introduce myself and tell you a
little bit about who I am. I am 37 years
old, born and raised in River Forest,
Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.  When I
was younger my family stayed at a
ranch near Loveland for a  
to Denver in 2003.  We purchased our first
home in the University Hills neighborhood
and share our house with our Chocolate
Lab Ike, an iguana named Stanley, a Whites
Tree Frog who goes by Mr. Peepers, and
our newest addition Lola a very sweet Newfy
Together I am confident we can provide you with all of your pet
sitting needs or any other pet service you may require. I would
very much like to schedule a meet and greet at your
convenience so we can meet face to snout so to speak and we
can answer any questions or concerns you may have. Please
visit our 'Prospective New Clients' Tab, fill out the form and
send it over to us. We will contact you promptly to schedule a
look forward to spending time with your pets, and making many
pupper / kitty friends!

l   l    

l    l       
In 1998 I moved to Fort Collins from
Luke and I met in high school and have
been best friends ever since.  After
sewing our wild Colorado oats we
settled down in Denver in 2003.  Having
graduated from DePaul University in
1998 with a degree in Investment
Finance, I worked the corporate world
for 10 years.  With a lot of hard work
and our love for animals the opportunity
for me to leave my cubical and do what I
have always loved to do became a
reality with Gentle Hearts Pet Sitting.  
family reunion and I fell in love with Colorado.  At 13, I vowed that
one day I would return.  After graduating from Northern Illinois
University some twenty years later my girlfriend Carol and I moved
Growing up I spent my summers in Oregon Illinois at my
stepfather's petting zoo, it was always so much fun getting to
meet new exotic animals.  I realized then at an early age that I
always loved to be with animals, some of my fondest memories
were of my mother bring home animals as pets to be cared for.  
not good indoors, or the ferrett that ate my stereo that I saved up
all summer for.  I can't tell you how lucky I feel to be able to
spend time with your furry and (some) not so furry loved ones.  
Thank you for taking this time to check out our website and I look
forward to meeting you.
Lab mix who can stay with us for as long as
she likes.
I can't tell you how truly blessed we feel
being able to live in such a beautiful part of
the country, meeting such wonderful people,
and being able to do what we love to do.

l l
My name is Jake. I moved to
Colorado 3 years ago from New
Jersey with my dog, Fajita, and
two cats, Mariachi and Santiago,
and we all love it out here! I have
been working for Gentle Hearts
since February of 2015. My job
as a pet sitter is extremely
fulfilling, I love working for Gentle
Hearts! The puppers and kitties I
care for are awesome to be
around and always put a smile on
my face. I can count on everyday
being a good day because I get
to see your furry ones! I hope to
finish school one day and
become a Veterinary Technician.
Until then I look forward to continuing to take care of your
puppers and kitties, giving them lots of cuddles and love when
you’re away.

l l    
I am Grant, my friends and
family call me... Grant. I have a
good amount of experience with
animals, I worked at a doggy
daycare and boarding facility for
two and a half years and have
been working for Gentle Hearts
since the beginning of 2012. I
am a graduate from the University of Colorado Denver with a
degree in Music Industry Studies. I compose, record, and
produce my own music and friends' music on the side. I also
have a cat named Kevin, he is my son and continues to rebel
against discipline and had done so since I got him as a kitten. :)
Hey y’all! My name is from
Texas a couple of years ago.
Working for Gentle Hearts
has allowed me to spend
time with the best pets and
pet lovers in the country. I
relish the opportunity to meet
new furry friends as a Gentle
Hearts dog walker and can
truly say that I love my job.
As a kid, I enjoyed
helping my granddad take care of his horses and volunteering
at the local animal shelter in my hometown. These experiences
fostered in me an appreciation for the wisdom and loyalty
animals possess. Second to my love of animals is my love of
music and my enduring obsession with the X-Files. I am the
proud pet parent of a 12 year old Chihuahua named Frohicky
and a 13 year old tabby cat named Scully. I've enjoyed their
company for over a decade and appreciate each and every day
I get to spend with them. I also play bass in a rock band called
Skadi. If I'm not hanging out with animals, I'm likely playing a
musical instrument, watching the X-Files, or hiking one of
Colorado’s many beautiful trails.
Hi! I’m Ally. I am a pet
sitter, dog walker, and
the Office Manager for
GHPS (yep, the same
Ally you’ve probably
seen an email from).  I
have always had a
fondness for critters of
all shapes and sizes,
but I admittedly have an extraordinary weakness for canines. At
home I have two huskies of my own that I love and adore
beyond words  – a sassy little girl, Kaya, and a sweeeet not-so-
little boy, Tank. Obsession would be an accurate term for
describing how I feel about those two.. Saying good bye to my
puppers in the morning is the hardest part of my day, but
thankfully I get to look forward to going to work and hanging out
with some of your amazing animals! I am so grateful for the
opportunity to do what I love – life is but a dream!

l l
Hi, I’m James. This is me and our
dog, Leo. Ever since I can
remember, I have loved animals.
My first dog was Katie, a little
beagle, and I remember running
around with her in the tall grass
behind our house when I was
only 4 or 5. I’ve been in love with
all of them ever since. I take the
responsibility of taking care of
your animal very seriously. It’s
important to me that they get
their exercise and all of their
outdoor needs, it’s also
important to me to give them some genuine affection. I’m very
protective of them and I’m happy to incorporate any training or
voice commands you’re already using, but I will also most likely
sing goofy songs to them about their ears and/or give them a
hundred nicknames based on their existing name. If you’d like to
know any of them, I’m more than happy to leave them in our
daily walk notes. Thank you for using Gentle Hearts!
Page currently under construction.
More sitter's coming soon!

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Hi! My name is Michele and I have been working for Gentle
Hearts for over a year now. I have been an animal lover since
before I can remember and have been lucky to have made
many critter-friends over the years. I've had birds, fish,
lizards, cats and much more! The dog who started it all for
me was my special Jack Russell terrier, Wilson. Wilson and I
spent a wonderful 16 years together and he taught me true
love as well as how amazing dogs can be! It's always been a
dream of mine to get
to work with animals
and working for
Gentle Hearts has
been nothing short
of a dream come

I can't wait to get to
know your special
ones as well!